Meet The Hair Dad! Single Father Goes To Cosmetology Class So That He Could Make His Daughter’s Hair

Date December 28, 2018

Super heroes come in different sizes and shapes, bringing justice, protection and love in a wide rage of small gestures that often go unnoticed - except for the people they helped. One such example is Hair Dad. Can you guess what his powers are and how he got them? 

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How it all began


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It was a regular afternoon in 2015 when Greg Wickherst, from Colorado, took a stroll to the cosmetology department at the IntelliTec College, where he worked as an admissions officer. He had no idea that it would propel him to where he is today.


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The divorcee is the father of an adorable two-and-a-half year old, and though he shares custody, he has his little girl, Izzy, with him most of the time.


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As a man who began shaving his hair when he was 24, and knew next to nothing about it, he was unable to style her hair properly. Realizing that cutting her bangs all the time was not going to work, he sought help from beauticians at his place of work.

Ninety minutes later, he had learned a five strand Dutch braid.


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Wickherst was no lazy learner, so he kept practicing and would often go online to learn more styles. Speaking to ABC News, he said:

“After meeting with a student I learned a bunch of different styles. I also found it was a bonding experience between me and my daughter.”


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He took to sharing styling tips on social media while also asking for help and before long the student became master.

Say ‘hello’ to Hair Dad

Soon, this admirable father began posting photos on Instagram and video tutorials on YouTube with Izzy being a willing participant in all his ventures. His works started going viral, and one of his videos has been viewed over 400,000 times.

The positive feedback led to the launch of Hair Dad, a brand that boasts of a website and merchandise.

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Now, Hair Dad is on a mission to help other dads in his town to learn how to style their daughters’ hair by partnering with like-minded organizations. He said:

“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being present. I talk about being present in your kids’ lives. Money comes and goes, but memories are forever.”

He  has already received numerous invitations to facilitate workshops. Earlier this year, he enrolled in digital marketing, video editing, and public speaking classes to improve his business skills. Also, he quit his job to focus full time on Hair Dad.

Does the Internet love him?

It is an absolute yes. When the story first broke in 2015, some groups wondered why it was a big deal that a man was making his daughter’s hair, but with almost 10,000 YouTube subscribers, an Instagram page with over 17,000 followers and blossoming prospects, it is safe to say that people love what he stands for.

Greg is proof of what it is like for a father to play an active role in his daughter's life. He deserves all the accolades, and hopefully, his story will encourage and inspire other fathers to bond with their daughters in unexpected but sweet ways. 

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