Motherly Love! Mom Clears Dishes At Daughter's Workplace To

Motherly Love! Mom Clears Dishes At Daughter's Workplace To Save Her From The Stress

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March 21, 2019 14:41 By Mambee

Mothers are extraordinary creatures, and that's a fact that millions all over the world can attest to.

Apart from being an essential factor in the building of homes and families, these exceptional individuals also manage to amaze with their kind and selfless gestures.

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Motherly Love! Mom Clears Dishes At Daughter's Workplace To Save Her From The Stresspixelheadphoto digitalskillet /

This can be evidenced by several testimonies from every corner of the world. This Philippine mom's acts, for instance, have inspired and moved millions all over the world.

The story went viral when a Facebook user, Rubie Lyn Mendoza, shared an encounter between her mom and her sister, who was working part-time.

Rubie’s sister, Jann, was working a shift at a McDonald's store in Navotas, Philippines, when her mom, Emelia, and Rubie decided to pay a visit.

On arrival at the hamburger joint, they were shocked to find out that Jann was the only crew member on duty at that time.

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This got them worried, mainly because of the high number of customers at the time, which seemed overwhelming for a single worker.

This was when Emelia sprung into action.

As revealed by Ruby in her Facebook post, she was just done placing her order when she found out Emelia was already up and helping Jann clear tables.

The post which, was written in Filipino, went viral following its upload and was accompanied by images of the occurrence, showing the mom and daughter duo in action.

A lot of internet users had positive things to say, with several of them praising her, and heart emojis were flying around.

A Facebook user, Rovia, commented:

“A Mother's Love.”

Of course, other social media users called McDonald's out and blame the company for having just a single worker on duty on such an active day.

However, the highlight of it all was the sheer display of love by Emelia to her daughter. Surely Jann is grateful to have such an amazing mother, who doesn't hesitate to help whenever she needs it.

How sweet!

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