Model Complains About Crying Baby On A Flight


'I'd Rather Sit Next To An Animal': Model Comes Under Fire For Complaining About Sitting Next To A Crying Baby During A Flight

Date June 24, 2019 12:44

Many people are not really thrilled to share a flight with a crying baby, and while some handle their frustrations maturely and choose to be sympathetic, others may react more extremely. People felt that one particular model actually took things much too far.


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24-year-old Angela Panari was slammed online after she complained about dealing with a crying baby on a flight. Not only did she express her displeasure, but she also went as far as saying she would rather sit next to an animal. 

The Indonesian model reportedly shared the post on her Instagram Story, which she deleted not long after her fans started expressing their outrage.


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In the original post, she said:

I'd agree more with allowing pets inside the airplane cabin rather than babies.

While speaking to DetikHot, Angela said that even though it was up for only a short time, the post still went viral as people made screenshots to reshare.

Parents accused her of being insensitive and some told her that, since she could be a mom someday, she should be more sympathetic.


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Angela apologized for the whole fiasco and excused her reaction by explaining that she was simply frustrated because the baby cried during the entire journey.

She said she felt bad for posting the story and was simply carried away by her emotions.

The model also said that she felt bad for the exhausted mom on the flight and understood how stressed she must have been.


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Sure, crying babies can't be fun but, in many cases, this is a situation that cannot be helped. In fact, the parents of these crying children are often at their wit's end, desperately trying to soothe their child. At the end of the day, they deserve some support and sympathy. They shouldn't be made to feel even worse at times like this.

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