"Let Her Be A Child": Mom Gets Slammed On Social Media For Allowing Her 8-Year-Old Daughter Do Her Own Makeup

Date May 20, 2019

We now live in a digital age where basically everything is shared online. But how far is too far? While some people have explored different ideas when it comes to being a famous online celebrity, others still believe that involving kids in the process is a line that shouldn't be crossed.


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Beauty blogger Ellarie Noel isn't famous for her makeup skills alone: her daughter Zara has also garnered some Instagram fame.

According to Cosmopolitan, Ellarie's brand became so successful that she was soon raking in thousands of dollars from her social media accounts. In addition to her own personal brand, her daughter, nicknamed Yoshidoll, also has a following of her own.


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Among other things, Zara also seemed to be following her mom's footsteps as a beauty blogger. In one Instagram post, the young girl even shared her own makeup tutorial, which ended up rubbing some people the wrong way.


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While commenting on the video, a few people pointed out that it was wrong for a girl so young to have so much makeup on and be publicized because of it.

@luuvliibluu said:

Why do (young/particular) mothers want their baby girls to grow up soooo fast (like them). 😞 Yes, we've all played in or with makeup but never this young or forreal (foundation, hightlighting, etc), we weren't exploited on social media or any media in general for it; it's basically molding her {subconcious} to feel as if she needs all this to be beautiful or "liked".

@baz_love01 said that Ellarie's choice wasn't one she would make for her own child:


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I would not let my child have makeup on at that age what is wrong with u people.

Several people defended the girl and her mom, though, saying that Zara was simply looking up to Ellarie like most kids do at that age and it wasn't such a bad idea for the child to be experimenting with makeup.


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There were those who even praised Zara's skill and pointed out that, in a few years, this young girl may become a makeup pro herself so her mom was just being supportive of her talents. @queendreamsllc said:

By the time she’s 13 her makeup game is gonna be so strong.


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Clearly, social media users are divided on whether a young child having makeup on is bad parenting, Where do you stand?

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