They Thought It Was Kidney Stones: Couple Had No Clue They W

They Thought It Was Kidney Stones: Couple Had No Clue They Were About To Be Parents Until The Moment The Wife Went Into Labor

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April 12, 2019 14:48 By Mambee

When a woman is about to become a mom, there's usually some form of heads up months in advance so that she can prepare for the moment. But this couple made the transition into parenthood with barely any notice at all.

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Bryson and Grace Mawn were having dinner with friends one minute and welcoming their baby daughter the next. After dinner, Grace suddenly began to experience intense stomach pain. 

She suspected that something must be wrong so the couple rushed to the emergency room. Through it all, Bryson kept comforting her, saying she probably had kidney stones.

Grace didn't agree with her husband. She told KSLA:

I knew when I felt something down there and it wasn’t a kidney stone.

They got the shock of their life a while later when it was discovered that not only was Grace pregnant, she was already in labor. The new dad had tears of joy in his eyes even as he tried to make sense of the pregnancy and how it was possible for their baby daughter to be born.

I was like 'how is she alive? what is going on? So many questions, so many scenarios going through my head what’s going to happen.

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Grace had no clue about how the whole thing happened as well. She said she never felt the baby move, experienced cravings or morning sickness. She admitted that she did put on a little weight but it was barely noticeable and didn't seem like a big deal. 

As for her monthly cycle, she said things were normal even though some months were a little lighter.

One major downside of a surprise baby like this is that the parents weren't financially prepared for caring for a child. As a result, Bryson set up a GoFundMe page in hopes that they would raise enough money to take care of their growing family.

The couple's community also came through for them. Many people brought gifts that included basic things that every first-time parent would need. Bryson was incredibly grateful for the support.

We’ve seen nothing but love and support for our family. We’re both really young adults, we were children last week and we were put into parenthood in a night.

Grace and Bryson's little girl was named Micaela, which means 'gift from God'. Even though it was something they didn't expect, Grace said she was very happy and grateful for their baby daughter.

Surprise births like this can send the parents spinning, but it sounds like this couple has chosen to look at the bright side and enjoy the lovely addition to their family.

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