'When I Look At Them, I Just See My Children': White Couple Adopts Three Black Children And Proves That Diversity Is Beautiful

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March 15, 2019 16:59 By Mambee

Jessica Satterfield couldn't be prouder of her family. Sure they may look different on the outside, but this mom and her husband are celebrating diversity.

While sharing her story with Love What Matters, Jessica explained that she and her husband are white parents to the "three beautiful, brown children" they adopted.


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This is something they have both stopped noticing over time, but other people's reactions are always a reminder. Jessica explained that, when they go to stores or restaurants as a family, people often stare curiously at them. 


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As an example, she talked about one time an older man kept looking at them while they were having a snack in public. The mom admitted that she got a little annoyed and wished people treated them just a regular family. 

Eventually, the older man approached them and instead of saying something judgmental, which Jessica expected to happen, he said;

I just wanted to tell you that you have such a beautiful family.


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Jessica said the man's words were so powerful that they brought tears to her eyes.

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She pointed out that having a different skin color does not mean she and her kids have nothing in common. Their diversity and uniqueness are what actually make them beautiful as a family.


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Even though unity is the goal in their home, the parents acknowledge the fact their kids are black. In order to teach each other to respect these differences, Jessica and her husband do a few things, such as ensuring the lines of communication are always open.


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They teach their kids to embrace who they are and fill their home with books that celebrate adoption and cultural diversity. As parents, their goal is to ensure that their children have the right words to describe their family to others whenever the situation arises.

When I look at my sweet children, even though we celebrate them, I don’t always notice our differences. I just see my children, the ones I waited on for so long, the ones I prayed for, and dreamed about.


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This family is evidence that love isn't just about having the same features or sharing DNA. All that is required to keep a family strong and emotionally connected is love, respect and an appreciation for one another.

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