Happy Reunion! After 21 Years Searching, Mom Finally Reunites With Her Long-Lost Son, Who Was Taken As A Child

Date June 25, 2019

Valentin Hernandez deprived a mother and son of a true bond when he abducted the 18-month-old boy from their Rancho Cucamonga home in Mexico.

The boy's mother, Mancia, initially thought that they were robbed when she got home that fateful day and everything was in disarray.

However, she was quick to realize that it hadn't been the case when she saw that Valentin's documents and clothes were missing. She reported the incident to the police, and the search for Steve Hernandez started.

Unfortunately, all she had of Steve's was a black and white picture that a family member mailed to her. Valentin had cleared all traces of Steve's existence, including photos and ultrasound results.

It had been two decades since the incident, but the investigators finally got a breakthrough in the case. The San Bernardino County district attorney's office reunited the divided family with a smart plan after they got a tip. 

At this point, Valentin was also missing, so the investigators used that as a ploy to get Steve's DNA. They called Steve and told him that they might have found his father, and he should come to conduct a DNA test.

When his results came back, they compared it to Mancia's DNA, and it was a match! Also, they found out that his history was similar to the file of the abducted kid in Mexico.

Afterward, they moved the now-22-year-old Steve across the US-Mexico border to meet his mother.

Mancia's relief knew no bounds when they brought her son to her. She said:

"Now this anguish I've carried is gone now that I have my son back. I spent 21 years looking for him not knowing anything."

Steve, a law student who lives in Puebla, Mexico, was filled with joy that his mother didn't abandon him as his father had told him. He stated:

"I lived all these years without my mother, then to find out she's alive in another country, it was emotional."

Steve is an American citizen and can move back to be with his family after his education. What a happy ending!

We are happy that the family can get the chance to love each other sincerely now. We wish them well and commend the officers for their consistency in reuniting the family.

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