Mother Warns About Bunchem's Danger, As More That 50 Toy Balls Tangled In Her Daughter's Hair

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January 10, 2019 18:30 By Mambee

The new colorful toys called Bunchems are fun to play with! Kids can build anything from these colorful small balls with hooks that cling to each other! However, one mom did regret of allowing her daughter to play with the toys.

Mother Warns About Bunchem's Danger, As More That 50 Toy Balls Tangled In Her Daughter's HairNataly Studio /

Jasmine Nikunen, from Arkansas, posted a picture showing more than 50 toys tangled in her 5-year-old daughter’s hair. She revealed she was shocked to see what happened after the girl played with a little cousin.

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Mom said:

Collin, who is three, poured the whole bucket over her head and she tried to shake them out and they immediately started to matte up like dreadlocks.

Nikunen plead for help on Instagram! Many people recommended using grease for taking them off. After 2 days, the mother could finally brush all the balls from her girl’s long locks.

It took six hands, 12 and a half hours, to get them out.

We had about 12 containers of coconut oil and vegetable oil and any hair oil you could think of.

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Nikunen’s daughter was not the only one who suffered from the entanglement.


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Instagram users went on to share their own stories.


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The company had complaints about similar cases, which is why they released a video instruction of how to remove Bunchems from the hair.

All you need is hair conditioner, any vegetable oil, a brush and plenty of time.

Those fun toy balls have to be kept away from hair! Jasmine Nikunen confessed that her daughter, Scarlett, lost a lot of hair, despite their being lucky it was not necessary to have to cut it off.

The Bunchems manufacturers recommend tying the hair back while playing with them and warn against eating the balls or leaving them around house pets.

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