Prevent Your Kids From Danger With These 10 Safety Tips

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September 14, 2018 13:48 By Mambee

Children are a bundle of joy to most parents and add a much-needed spice to our existence. However, as most parents would be quick to admit, raising a child is a full-time job, and many little ones do not make it easy at all. When it comes to raising a child, keeping them safe ranks at the top of any parent's priority list, and so we live a life of constant worry.

As parents, despite this need to keep our children safe, we also have to be careful not to choke them with our constant presence. A child needs to get their own experiences, which form their character. Allowing children to take this all-important step is not always easy, but here are 10 ways in which may keep your child safer while also allowing them grow:

1. Name, address, and phone number: This is a very crucial first step. As soon as they can, the child must be made to learn their full name, their home address, as well as an always reachable phone number. Ensure that they memorize it correctly.

2. All that glitters isn't gold: This applies mostly to younger children as they can be easily manipulated by adults who give them gifts. Teaching children not to accept gifts from strangers keeps them out of trouble.

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3.  Keep them in sight: As an extension of the rule above, when your children are playing, they should always be in the care of an adult, a trusted guardian or older child.

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4. Hold on tight to your friends: When moving in crowded places, like a mall or parties, we should teach our kids to keep close to their friends or guardians and not wander off all by themselves. Children who walk alone are at a higher risk of being involved with dangerous people.

5. Accountability: Teaching our little kids to be accountable to someone keeps them safe. Kids should be taught  to always tell people where they are going or what time they would be home from an outing. Older kids should also be motivated to make their locations known as well.

6. Code word: Having code words with our kids teaches them to be able to spot danger faster. They should know that whoever knows the code word is an adult they can trust

7. Practice: Ensure that kids practice the various tips you have taught them over and over till it they become natural to them. That way, safety measures are more easily inbuilt in their subconscious.

8. Always find a safe place: This serves as a contingency plan for children in case they ever get separated in a crowded area. They should go to a store or meet the security for help. Informing them of several safe safes in crowded areas prepares them for uncertain situations.

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9. It's okay to say no: It is very important to let your child know that they can always say no when they don’t want to do something, even if it is with someone they know, or an adult. 

10. Teach them to pay attention: Teaching your child to be cautious and sensitive to the outfits of people around them, as well as their face features, will help them in identifying danger when it's approaching

With the alarming rates of kidnappings and other heidous acts in our society today, the safety of our kids has become our paramount task. But with these above-listed tips, we as parents can be sure that  our children will not be very easily suceptible to the dangers the world offers.

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