It Must Be Something In The Water: 31 Staff Members From The Same Hospital Gave Birth To 32 Babies In 2018

Date January 22, 2019

It was baby boom season for the staff members at St. Cloud Hospital, Minnesota, last year. 

In 2018, 31 staffers from the facility had their babies, one of whom had twins. This brought the total to 32 babies, all in one year.

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What's even crazier was that all 31 women were in the same birthing unit. This happened to be a record for the hospital. 

One of the moms, Nurse Dawn Henderson, jokingly attributed it to something in the water. She told FOX19:

I’ve had tons of people tell me when I was pregnant, ‘Oh my gosh, every nurse in this place is pregnant’ and we’re like, ‘Yeah, don’t drink the water.’

The hospital staff kept a name tally as more pregnancies continued to surface every few weeks. Another nurse, Gabrielle Sunder, said it was such a crazy time. Anyone walking down the hall would be bombarded with different baby bumps. 

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Nurse Henderson was the last to give birth for the year. She had her baby on Christmas Day. She revealed that, at one time, they had about "15 or 17" births in a year and they had thought it was insane then. This time around, things were definitely taken to a whole new level.

Nurse Ashley Thoennes, who was the 21st mom to give birth in the unit, said that it was actually a great experience for the moms.

Having a strong support system at work, and understanding that your co-workers were going through the same thing you were, was "a special thing."

Another one of the moms told Inside Edition that the whole situation was a big relief because this was her first child. She was able to ask almost anyone at her unit if something seemed normal, hence she didn't experience a lot of pregnancy anxiety.

All the workers and their little ones came together for a super adorable photo shoot. Each of the babies had on onesies featuring a number that signified the order in which they were born.

These mothers and their kids will surely have a special kind of connection for years to come. What a busy year for all involved!

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