Dad Goes To The Rescue After His 1-Year-Old Daughter Was Forgotten In A Dark Daycare Because Staff Thought She Was A Doll

Date February 5, 2019

Disturbing statistics show that neglect and child abuse in daycare centers is very common. According to the data, more the 6.4 million children suffered from inappropriate actions on the part of a daycare staff in 2013.

This father had no choice but to rush to his baby daughter's rescue after she was forgotten by the daycare center staff when they closed the facility for the day. In a video footage, Cornelius Jones could be seen looking very frantic as firefighters attempted to break into the daycare. 

Jones had come to pick her up when it became clear that the staff had gone home. He could hear his baby crying inside and he immediately called for help.

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Inside Edition / YouTube

Firefighters were filmed breaking open the doors at the Chicago daycare center while Jones paced back and forth, worried about his little girl. He told Inside Edition:

I am frustrated. I am angry. I got so many emotions going through my head at once, and I am like: 'How did they leave a baby here?'

Inside Edition / YouTube

Fortunately, they were able to open the doors and Jones, using a flashlight, spotted his crying daughter, Journee. The upset girl was crawling in pitch darkness. 

Inside Edition / YouTube

According to Jones, the director of the school came by after Journee was rescued. She then explained that the daycare staff thought the girl "was a baby doll," and that was why she was forgotten. 

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Journee's mother, Quanesha, was also deeply upset upon hearing what happened. She took one look at the video Jones recorded and said "it broke my heart."

The first thing that I thought was: 'I can't believe these people left my baby here. There can be chemicals there. Something can follow her or they might have a rodent problem. Anything can happen to my baby.'

After the video was shared online, social media users were heartbroken. Most lashed out at the staff wondering how anyone could have possibly mistaken a child for a doll.

But there were others who wondered why the parents did not pick up the child from school earlier and why it wasn't until dark that they came around.  

To avoid such unpleasant situations, you should pay attention to the following characteristics of a high quality daycare centre:

  1. Group size and the number of teachers. Small groups can guarantee more attention to your child;
  2. Staff's special education and experience;
  3. Interactions between teacher and children;
  4. Activities in accordance with children's age and interests;
  5.  Accreditation and safety practices.

Regardless of what happened, it was still a good thing that the story had a more favorable ending and little Journee was safely back in her parents' arms.

Having children is the biggest gift of life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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