'I'm Blown Away' Mom Goes Into Labor Weeks Before Her Due Date. Now The Baby Shares Same Birthday With Dad And Great-grandad

Date June 4, 2018

Jordyn Eppard was not expecting her baby to arrive until late July, back in 2017. So when she suddenly went into labor on July 1, she was in complete shock.

Jordyn Eppard / Facebook

Fearing for her child's safety, she was taken to the hospital as soon as the signs of labor began to intensify.

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Jordyn Eppard / Facebook

It soon became clear that her son was determined to be born on that date because an emergency caesarian section had to be performed to bring him to the world.

Jordyn Eppard / Facebook

Thankfully, despite the unexpected arrival, Beauden Matthew James Eppard was born perfectly healthy. He weighed 8.5 pounds at birth.

Jordyn Eppard / Facebook

What the family soon realized later, after having calmed down from the whirlwind the unexpected birth caused, was that Beauden seemed very eager to be born on the same day as his father and great-grandfather.

Jordyn Eppard / Facebook

Beauden's father, Connor James Eppard, was born on July 1, 1990, while the baby's great-grandad James "Jim" Morrisette, was born July 1, 1931.

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Connor Eppard / Facebook

Jordyn told ABC that the coincidence was just incredible. The idea that three boys across generations in one family were born on the same day "is pretty amazing.

It’s a real tight relationship. It’s just incredible to add him to that, and for it to be three boys across the generations is pretty amazing. I’m blown away by it. God always has a plan for that.

The parents said they hadn't planned for things to work out that way. They fully expected their child to reach full term, which was supposed to be July 17. 

Jordyn Eppard / Facebook

When the couple called Beauden's great-grandfather to share the amazing news, and he was thrilled. The 86-year-old said it was just "so exciting and hard to believe."

Jordyn and Connor had already picked Beau's name by the time he was born. However, because of the happy surprise, they decided to add the name 'James' to his lineup. "It was a last minute decision," Connor said.

Denver 7 / YouTube

Now the family is looking forward to going all out every year on July 1st.

Source: ABC

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