Brave Dog Sustains Injuries After Attacking Rattlesnake That Tried To Bite A Toddler

Date July 31, 2018

Dogs are incredibly loyal, sweet, funny and when the situation calls for it, brave. 

Rodney Bacon and his family were very grateful to their superhero dogs. They managed to save his 3-year-old daughter, Harper. 

Rodney, Harper and their German Shepherd named Trek all went out to get some mail from his vehicle. 

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The dad suddenly noticed that Trek started nudging Harper away from the car. The child kept asking the dog to "stop pushing" as she was determined to get towards her dad's SUV, but Trek was relentless.

A few seconds later, Rodney discovered exactly what made Trek so agitated. He was trying to keep little Harper away from a coiled rattlesnake. When their other dog, a pit bull named Gracie, realized what was going on, she too began barking at the snake. 

Before Rodney could grab a shovel to kill the reptile, Gracie had lunged at the snake and killed it.

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Unfortunately, Gracie got injured in the process and after she was sure the snake was dead, the dog took off. Rodney tried to find her and feared she might have run off to die. 

A day later, the dog returned and even killed another rattlesnake that was in front of the house. She suffered another bite and Rodney immediately took her to the vet. The poor dog suffered some injuries, but she would be fine, according to Rodney. 

"She can breathe, eat, drink, and she's wagging her tail as happy as ever," Rodney told KTVB. Trek and Gracie sure were amazing heroes to the family. 

Source: KTVB

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