Mom Gave Birth To Healthy Twins In The Car While Her Husband Was Driving Her To The Hospital In Panic

Date November 23, 2018 14:47

When Dacia Pittman woke up on the morning of November 5, she had no clue that she was about to have a day she would never forget. The 38-week-pregnant mom and her husband Marcus were excited to welcome a set of twins

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She woke up that day feeling some discomfort and cramping. Speaking to Today, Dacia said she immediately woke her husband up and told him they needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

While they were driving to the hospital, Dacia, who is already a mother of two, realized that the babies would be making their debut much earlier than expected. She was trying to give her husband directions as they headed to the hospital but the mom knew there was no way they would make it on time. 

Suddenly, the first twin, Everett, was born right there in their jeep and ten minutes later, as Marcus kept speeding along the highway, their daughter, Amelia was born

She was still in her sac. I broke it. My husband was panicked a little. He said ‘Babe, what do I do?” I said, “They are healthy and alive and crying … you don’t have to speed.’

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They arrived at the hospital not too long later and doctors came out to help the mother and babies. Fortunately, both babies were doing well and did not need a stay in the NICU. In fact, Dacia and twins only had to stay in the hospital for two days before they were discharged. It was definitely a memorable birth for the couple and according to the mom, there's very little chance that something like that might happen again. 

I’m done. I got my little girl. Four kids are enough. My luck I would have boys.

In celebration of their blessings, the couple recently shared a picture of the whole family. It's great to see that they are all doing well.

This is certainly a holiday story we bet Dacia and Marcus would be telling for years to come. Perhaps, someday, Everett and Amelia would hear the tale as well.

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