Lovely Teamwork: This Nursing Baby Is Feeding Mom With French Fries While She Is Breastfeeding

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January 11, 2019 11:22 By Mambee

This is the loveliest teamwork we have ever seen! A video featuring a nursing baby feeding his mom gained more than 2 million views, and it's easy to understand why.

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While mother Paula Goodwin was breastfeeding her baby in a restaurant, the little one found a way to pay her back. In order to feed the mommy too, he reached for the plate of French Fries, got one and put it right in his mommy’s mouth.

This sweet cooperation is another proof of how bonding the process of breastfeeding is. It does connect a mother and a child in the most amazing way, creating an unbreakable bond for many years to come.

Goodwin wrote:

This was a moment I’ll never forget and am so ecstatic we got it on video! Love my babies and the experience of exclusively breastfeeding my last one!

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There are plenty of good reasons to opt for breastfeeding.

Experts claim that a mother's milk is the best nutrition for the babies as it provides a proper amount of fat, proteins, and vitamins to the baby’s body! Plus, it helps build protection against viruses and bacteria.

Not only babies can benefit from breastfeeding, though. It helps moms keep the hormones in balance, shed post-partum weight and soothe the precious child whenever they need it.

Sounds good? This pair has no issues in their relationshis, obviously. Internet users can’t stop admiring how thoughtful and caring the baby is. And we can’t help but watch this cooperative dining again and again!

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