"My Girls Are Sisters. Period." Angry Mom Urges People To St

"My Girls Are Sisters. Period." Angry Mom Urges People To Stop Calling Her Daughters Half-Sisters, As She Finds It Highly Dismissive

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January 23, 2019 18:26 By Mambee

People’s relationships are complicated. Trying to simplify matters, we came up with a bunch of terms. However, they don’t seem to work for everyone. For a blogger and writer, Rachel Sobel, the term “half-sister” sounds offensive and inappropriate as it concerns her daughters’ bond regardless of their having different fathers.


Допис, поширений Rachel Sobel (@whineandcheezits)

She posted her own personal story on PopSugar, which touched many hearts and spread the word faster than light!

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Sobel explains that she overcame divorce and, after marrying again, she welcomed another daughter. Her older sibling is 8 years older and she loves the baby with her whole heart.

The older one is the protector and the little one is her shadow. They are madly in love and I'm equally in love with them and their relationship. 


Допис, поширений Rachel Sobel (@whineandcheezits)

However, people always try to point out to the older girl that they are half-sisters, which leaves her baffled and confused.

The mother writes that it sounds like a bad misinterpretation of their special connection, which is highly upsetting and dismissive.


Допис, поширений Rachel Sobel (@whineandcheezits)

She adds:

My girls are sisters. Period. They don't need people constantly pointing out the intricacies of their genetic makeup. 

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While the frustrated mom tried to protect her children’s barriers, people took it to Facebook to express their own points of view. Rachel’s post stirred a hot debate.


Допис, поширений Rachel Sobel (@whineandcheezits)

Many agreed that there is no such thing as “half” or “step”, as your siblings' relationships aren’t defined with those words, but others thought it was not a big deal at all.

It’s harder to make things work right in blended families. The process of establishing trust and close a relationship is more challenging, but it can be rewarding in the end.

Here are the few tips on how to handle blended family issues:

  • In order to make children happy within a blended family, focus on the strength of your marriage. It’s the foundation for overall success;

Допис, поширений Rachel Sobel (@whineandcheezits)

  • Have a connection with ex-family members. Maintain friendly and respectful relationships, which will allow the rest of the crew to feel safe;
  • Everyone new in the family may have different needs and a different style of communication. Let everyone adjust to each other with no pressure;
  • Allow each of the family members to have their own space and time to adapting to and accepting the changes;
  • Promote mutual respect and care. Never let your kids put yourself in a position when you have to choose between them and your partner. Ultimatums aren’t an option.

Допис, поширений Rachel Sobel (@whineandcheezits)

Rachel Sobel writes that she works hard on strengthening and promoting the special bond between her daughters, who are sisters, and nothing less. In their family, no one gets half of the love! In the end, she urges others to “think twice before you say something about someone else's dynamic because, at the end of the day, we're a regular family — just like you.“

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