Toddler With Down Syndrome, Who Fought Cancer Twice, Is Finally Released Home By Her 2-ND Birthday

Date December 5, 2018

For the 2-year-old girl Grace Rosian, being at home for her birthday is not an ordinary matter. Most of her short life has been spent in the hospital, fighting cancer twice.

Grace, from Ohio, was born premature and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Shortly after birth, the doctors shocked the family by announcing that the girl had a form of leukemia and had to be treated with chemotherapy right away.

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Her mom Valerie remembers:

She was a little over four pounds and getting chemotherapy at 2 days old. I did a lot of crying and a lot of praying.

At 2 months old, little Grace was in remission, and could finally head home, but the aggressive cancer returned, something the doctors had warned might happen.

The disease hit with double power, but the girl’s family refused to give up on her. Valerie Rosian took it to Facebook to share her daughter’s story and raise funds for the expensive treatment.

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The medical staff of Cleveland Clinic was nothing but friendly and hospitable to the whole family, including Grace's brother, Robert, and gave them all attention they needed.

Doctor Seth Rotz, M.D. said:

Even when her body was battered by infection or the effects of chemo, Grace took the treatments like a champ. All the nurses and everybody here just loved her.

Despite the hardship and her very poor health condition, Grace remained a cheerful baby who dazzled everyone with her smiles. Luckily, the girl’s treatment was a success and she went on remission shortly before turning two.

The happy mother could finally take her daughter home. She confessed:

It felt good but strange because most of my time with her had been at the hospital. When I got to have her home, it felt good because now I can be the mom. I can be the mom 100 percent.

Grace has shown amazing progress. She is now learning sign language and gets more independent every day.

Having a sick child is hard to handle, but we sometimes underestimate these little warriors. It’s amazing how strong and positive this little girl is.

Now, as her health record is clean, let’s hope nothing will stop her from achieving her dreams!

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