3-Year-Old Boy Who Fought Cancer Could Fulfill His Dream To Become Junior Firefighter Before Passing Away

Date June 18, 2019

A toddler from Hawaii, Trucker Dukes, didn’t have a long life. However, he touched many hearts around the world with his wonderful journey. The 3-year-old had been fighting childhood cancer stage 4 neuroblastoma since she was 1. He had been through suffering, pain and numerous treatment sessions, but he also had plenty of happy moments shared with his family.

His mother, Shauna Dukes, said:

It’s incredible, that little guy touched so many hearts, and I’m really proud to be his mom.

Before he passed away, he could make his dream come true and became a junior firefighter for the New York City Fire Department.

He had been in love with fire trucks since the beginning. Thus, when the boy came to New York with his mother to receive cancer treatment, he became friends with the local firefighter crew. It happened when they responded to a call from the house where the Dukes lived at the moment.

The crew captain Jim Grismer said that, as soon as they approached the house on a fire truck, they saw this boy who could barely hold his excitement:

I see this little boy excitedly walking towards me with his eyes aglow. I opened my arms and he basically climbed up and hugged me around the neck. It was as if we've been friends/brothers for years.

Since then, they build an amazing bond. Trucker was welcomed into the team with an honorary title of "Junior Firefighter of the FDNY" for his furious battle with a terminal illness.

He even celebrated his third birthday in their company.

These photos speak for themselves! Despite his short life, this boy could really feel what true happiness meant.

At some point, the family moved back to Hawaii and stopped the treatment. They wanted to change the hospital view and give their son the happiest and most exciting life experience.

They took a trip to British Columbia and enjoyed snowboarding.

Unfortunately, he lost the fight against cancer after a few surgeries and numerous chemos. He passed away peacefully in his mother’s arms. The FDNY paid a touching tribute to the late toddler by including his name on their riding list.

The heartbroken father, who also works as a firefighter in Maui, Hawaii, wrote a farewell note to his late son on Facebook. It went:

I want to be the type of husband your mom deserves. I want to be the father you deserve. I want to be the type of friend that you would want to have. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better man. I wouldn’t trade any one of your memories to be rid of the pain. I love you son. See you in heaven.

Trucker Dukes had an amazing life, and his family wants to celebrate it!

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