So Cute! Adorable Twin Babies Pretend Like They Are Still In Mommy's Womb As They Were Bathing Together

Date July 24, 2019

These newborn twins were having a bath and it's incredible how cute they were together! They seemed to enjoy every second the warm water soothed them, and the presence of their twin did work as a sedative. That is amazing how little fellows grow inside their mommy’s womb together and are linked by this bond for their whole life.

Hugging and knowing you are not alone is very precious. It is hard to hold in your emotions and not to smile as you look at these two peacefully bathing together.

The proven fact is: If you are a twin, it is quite likely you will have twins of your own one day! In spite of sometimes having an identical appearance, twins usually have different types of personalities.

People are often envious of them, as they can never understand that kind of closeness. It seems that no other humans can gain such unbreakable sacred connection twins share. It is totally visible on these pictures.

Some twins say they don't need words to communicate, but their can sense each other's mind and feelings. There is an assumption that they can even feel each other’s pain despite the distance between them. None of this is proven by science, though, and this bond between twins have remained a mystery for centuries.

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