Heartwarming Reunion: A Girl Introduced A Guest During The Veteran’s Day Assembly Not Realizing It Was Her Dad

Date July 25, 2019

The bond between a dad and his daughter is absolutely special. Their love only grows stronger with time. Moreover, there is a common belief that dads love daughters more than sons and raise them with double protection and care.

A strong relationship with her father helps a girl to grow into an independent and confident woman.

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That's why separation may be unbearable for both!

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Heartwarming reunion

Meet Halley Webb! She hadn't seen her dad for a long period of time when he unexpectedly returned home. Her father came back from his military service and planned a surprise for his girl who had not met him for two years. The reunion was so heartwarming, that it was hard to hold tears.

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It was Veteran’s Day in a school and the students were giving a wonderful musical performance to honor veterans.

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During the show, Haley was asked to announce a special guest.

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She began reading his biography, and the information sounded similar to her. Surprisingly, it was about her father. Haley just couldn't believe her eyes.

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Immediately after that, she noticed her dad approaching her, wearing a bright and warm smile. That was the moment the girl could not control her emotions. Haley just burst into tears of joy.

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The moment they hugged each other was so touching! People who witnessed that sweet reunion were fighting tears!

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It is heartwarming to see them finally hugging each other. Such a wonderful reunion after two years won't leave anyone indifferent.

Haley’s father commented to the Fox News journalist that it was hard to leave home and not see his daughter growing. But he served his country while his girl and wife were so far away. Luckily, they can enjoy their family time together, as he is home. There’s nothing more special than a Father-Daughter bond.

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