Pictures Of Homeless Father And Son Laughing Together Is A Portrayal Of What True Happiness Looks Like

Date July 12, 2019 16:46

Happiness means different things to different people. For some, they will find happiness when they have money and can afford whatever they want. And, for others, happiness is all about finding true love, having kids and so on. But one father and his son have shown that true happiness is a choice you make regardless of where you find yourself.

Facebook user Markchipelago shared some heartwarming pictures of a man and his son. The pair found joy despite living on the streets and begging for change. The user said he was on his way to get groceries when he saw a man with a disability sitting on the floor with his son.

In spite of not having a roof over their head or much money to spend, they looked happy together.

The dad and his child were pictured laughing together, hugging and talking to each other while passers-by went about their business.

These photos clearly portrayed the love between a father and his child. It's no wonder that thousands of people reacted to the post and it was shared loads of times. Several people shared comments too, mostly about the important lessons the pictures taught them.

In a later post, Markchipelago gave an update in which he said he ran into the father and son again. He showed the dad the responses the initial post received and they were quite happy to see how much of a difference their photos made.

It doesn't matter that this man and his son are virtually strangers to us, their message is unforgettable and simple.

You don't need to wait to be happy. You can choose to be content with where you are, what you have, and how blessed you have been.

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