50 Years After Divorce, Woman Finally Bags Child Support Money Worth $150,000

Date April 2, 2019

While marriage is an institution set up to last forever, life happens sometimes and people who were once partners fall out of love.

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50 Years After Divorce, Woman Finally Bags Child Support Money Worth $150,000Roman Motizov /

This often leads to a divorce, with either party having to pay some money to the other to help care for their children, if they had any.

In some cases, some people neglect to pay child support, and Karma catches up with them. Irrespective of how much time has passed, they are forced then to pay their debt, so to speak.

This was the case of Toni Anderson, who had to wait for five decades before collecting child support.

When Toni and her ex-husband divorced, she was left with custody of their 3-year-old daughter, and he was ordered by the court to pay child support. Unfortunately, he bailed on them and chose to move to Canada rather than pay.

Interested in giving her daughter a better life, Toni didn’t bother fighting for the money as she focused on her job as an interior designer in Los Angeles to pay the bills.

Luckily, things weren’t so hard for them as she was able to send her daughter to college and they went on vacation. However, the money they had was not enough sometimes. They did have their hard times.

Now, Toni is retired, and that makes finances tight. Although she rents out part of her house, it has not been enough to cater to her needs.

On one fateful night, Toni realized that there is no statute of limitations on child support and began digging up old court papers. She immediately notified her ex-husband of his debts and lawyered up to fight the case.

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Luckily, it panned out as the child support, which was originally $160 per month, had accumulated to $170,000 thanks to an accrued interest of 10% per year.

She settled for a payment of $150,000 in a private hearing and now uses her story to encourage other single mothers going through the same fate. She wants them to know that they have a right to child support, and they should have no fear of pursuing it.

We are glad Toni finally got what was her and her daughter's right, even if it took her 50 years. It was all worth it in the end.

Mothers always knows how to do a right thing. And if someone tells you it’s not a hard job, they are wrong. Here is another powerful story to prove it.

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