Adorable Biracial Twins Set The Internet Aflame With Their Distinctiveness

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January 22, 2019 15:31 By Mambee

There is beauty in being unique and diverse. Gladly, many people around the world are beginning to see from that point of view.

However, race, and therefore racism, is still a source of controversy. 

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Adorable Biracial Twins Set The Internet Aflame With Their Distinctivenessmaxstockphoto /

Some individuals and cultures see skin color as a privilege or, sometimes, as a diminishing quality.

However, these adorable twins have broken the internet with their distinctiveness, showing us a beautiful version of being ‘different.’

Biracial twins Jarani and Kalani were born to Whitney and Tomas, in Quincy, Illinois.


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It turned out to be one of the rarest types of births: Jarani took after her black father while Kalani was like her mother.

While recounting their birth experience, which happened on April 23, 2016, to TODAY. Whitney said:

“Kalani was as white as can be. I was just in denial because you know the odds of this? I would never think I would have a black and white twin. That’s why I asked if she was albino because she was just so white.”


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Well, the odds were 1 to 500, and no one saw this coming.

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Her husband, Tomas, also disclosed that he was confused at first when he saw Kalani. 

He assumed her whiteness was a thing with newborn babies, but he was brought back to reality and received the shock of his life when her darker sister was delivered.


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Since then, it's been amazing for the parents and their special kids, particularly for their mum, who sees them as a symbol of unity and a stand against racism.

The beautiful girls have an elder brother named Talan, who takes after his mother’s skin color.

On how she handles the public, Whitney revealed that she prefers to dress the girls in matching clothes as nobody believes that they are twins.


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The reasons for people's reactions are not farfetched.

Since their birth, the girls have been generating a lot of buzz on social media. They own an Instagram account, @thedivadeantwins and are famous recipients of sweet compliments whenever their faces are put on the internet.


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Indeed, we are all beautiful in our own unique way, and much more so when we learn to accept ourselves, and others, the way we are. Jarani and Kalani are an ultimate proof of that!

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