Awesome Father Takes Parenting To The Next Level As He Brill

Awesome Father Takes Parenting To The Next Level As He Brilliantly Puts An End To His Toddler’s Tantrum In A Viral Video

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March 20, 2019 19:21 By Mambee

Kids can be a lot to handle, especially when you’re out shopping for some things and your kid switches. The dreaded tantrum begins, and you just want to break down in tears because it's embarrassing.

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Well, not this Ohio father. He has shown parents all over the world that you don’t have to allow the stress of your kids’ tantrum to get to you.

In a live viral video on Facebook, which has been watched by many users by now, Terrel Rico Relz Crawford brilliantly ended his 3-year-old daughter’s meltdown. Terrel took Ari to the parking lot of a Walmart store after she caused a scene in the store.

While she continued crying, the determined father looked unaffected and waited patiently for her to stop whining before he began talking to her.

“Are you done? You sound like you’re still whining to me. You gonna listen in the store?”

After these questions, Terrel proceeded to firmly but gently let his daughter know that he wouldn’t take her back into the store if she continued whining. He further stated that, if they went in and she cried again, he would bring her back out.

Then he turned to the camera and addressed the viewers letting them know that spoiling your kids is what results into outbursts like this.

Terrel explained that he didn’t mind the fact that his daughter was screaming; however, he believed that whenever he wanted her to stop her mess, she should.

He revealed that he never spanks his kids to discipline them as that causes more harm than good. Instead, he takes away the things that distract them, makes them sit, and looks them in the eye to let them know he’s not bothered by their troubles.

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He then challenged parents saying:

“If they don’t learn by you teaching them who are they going to learn by?”

By the end of the video, it was apparent that Ari had learned her lesson as she was back to her bubbly self. Her awesome father lovingly carried her in his arms as they went back into the store.

While speaking to Good House Keeping, Terrel revealed that he learned patience as a parent and that he wanted parents to know that in order to build patience in your kids you have to learn it first.

The clip was uploaded in 2017 and it has garnered over 22 million views and 300,000 shares. Many parents took to the comment section to applaud Terrel for his parenting skills.

Communication is an effective tool, even when it comes to kids. This video has shown that discipline comes in different shades - you just have to know what works better for your kids.

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