Extraordinary! British Couple Beats Incredible Odds By Giving Birth To Two Sets of Black And White Twins

Date February 27, 2019 14:59

Statistics put the odds of having biracial twins at 1 in 500. Nevertheless, a few have managed to defy those odds, and this beautiful diversity has wowed millions all over the world.

What are the chances of having two biracial pairs twins in a row? With an odd now at 1 in 3000, one would think that it is quite impossible, but parents Alison Spooner and Dean Durant would tell you otherwise.

The couple had their first set of miracle twins in 2001. Although Alison was purely caucasian and her husband, Dean, was much darker due to his West Indian origins, they never thought that their kids would turn out with the same skin color difference.

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When the twins were delivered, they discovered that one of the children, Hayleigh, took after her father. She had dark skin and dark hair while her twin, Lauren, resembled their mom, Alison.

It was a shocking discovery for them as well as family and friends, but it wasn't the first occurrence.

However, things got more exciting seven years later when Alison discovered that she was pregnant again.

The couple and their friends had it at the back of their minds that the same phenomenon could occur, but now the chances were much slimmer.

Surprisingly, when the babies came, they were much like their older sisters.

Little Leah and Miya had distinctive genes. Miya took after her father while Leah looked like her mom. Now, that's a wonder!

Admittedly, it was amazing for the family, and Dean and his wife are blessed with a unique and special family. 

Surely, this would resonate beyond their family level as a symbol that the prejudices attached to skin color or race are not inborn.

This family has had it well despite being so different. That sends out a message worth more than words alone could express.

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