"It Was A Special Moment:" Man Takes Photo Of Aged Couple On The Subway, Showing The World That True Love Indeed Exists

Date July 11, 2019 16:36

In a society where relationships barely last the long haul, it is difficult to have hope in the concept of love.

Every now and then, an Internet user reassures the world that true love does exist.

Blake Ricker, a nurse in New York City, was on his way to meet his friends for dinner when he stumbled upon the most beautiful sight.

An aged couple was lost in a world of their own as they stared at each other. Oblivious of the fact that they were on the subway, the lovebirds were in a warm embrace.

While speaking to CBS News, Ricker said:

"The more you kept looking at them, the more you could see how in love they were with each other. It was a special moment."

When he got off, he realized he could not stop staring at the phenomenal photo and decided he had to find them. He then shared the picture on Twitter and the reaction he got was mind-blowing!

The post garnered over 8,800 retweets and over 20,000 likes.

Luckily, his wish was fulfilled as Karen Kettering Dimit, the couple’s in-law, reached out to him and revealed that Marilyn, 83, and Lester Dimit, 84 were on a date night to celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary.

Rocker explained to Pix 11 that Marilyn and Lester were flattered by the attention they received. However, they would prefer to stay out of the spotlight.

Stories like this remind us that it is possible to find love. Kudos to Blake for sharing this beautiful photo with the world!

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