Soulmates: Born In The Same Hospital And On The Same Day, Their Love Was Undoubtedly Meant To Be

Date March 13, 2019

Love is such a beautiful phenomenon. We hear different love stories every day, and it is always heartwarming.

Although it's lovely to have that special someone you can celebrate occasions and anniversaries with, there is a whole new meaning to "meant to be" when you share the same birthday.

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Jessica Gomes and Aaron Bairos' journey is a classic soulmate story.

Gomes and Bairos's friends couldn't have predicted the bond of a lifetime they set up when they introduced the pair to each other in 2007.

As reported by PEOPLE, the couple attended competing schools in Taunton, Massachusetts, but hit it off as soon as they were introduced. And it didn't take long before they started dating.

The fact that they complement each other well made it possible for them to connect. Bairos mentioned in an interview with CBS Philadelphia:

“She brings out the best in me. I think we balance each other out quite well.”

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However, the big reveal was when Gomes found out that they shared the same birth dates. Initially, she didn't believe him until he brought proof of his birth date. She said:

“It was crazy, I thought he was trying to pull a smooth one and win me over.”

Now, that was just the appetizer. The main meal was when they realized they were born two hours apart in the same hospital.

They were the only babies delivered at that hospital that day. How sweet of Gomes’ grandmother to discover the unique element of the couple's love story.

These two are obviously destined to be together, and they have sealed the deal by getting married.

In November 2015, Bairos planned a surprise proposal in the Boston Public Garden, where he told relatives and friends to hide until he popped the question.

Gomes gave a whopping “Yes!”, and the couple made it official on September 9, 2016, at Holy Family Church in East Taunton.

We wish them more beautiful memories and hearts filled with love. Theirs is truly a unique love story.

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