After Grandma Realized She Sent A Wrong Thanksgiving Invitat

After Grandma Realized She Sent A Wrong Thanksgiving Invitation To A Teenager, She Invited Him Anyway In The True Spirit Of Thanksgiving

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November 26, 2018 18:43 By Mambee

Chances are that many of us reading this article have called or texted a wrong number by accident before. It happens all the time: You miss a number at the beginning, middle or end and suddenly you're texting ‘Hey Alex’ to Kennedy from Kentucky.

Whenever this happens, it often ends in the usual ‘Oh sorry, wrong number’ statement to clear the air and then you both move on. Except when some extraordinary circunstances bring together extraordinary people. 

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When Jamal Hinton, 17, from Phoenix in Arizona, received a group message from a wrong number, it ended in an outcome you wouldn't expect. The message was inviting Jamal to Thanksgiving dinner, and instead of ignoring it because he didn't know who it was from, he engaged in the conversation to find out.

Confused as to who was inviting him to Thanksgiving, he asked ‘Who is this?' and a number in the group replied that it was his grandma.

Now, we all have grandmas, and Jamal's happens to be still alive, but want to make sure it was indeed his grandma texting, he asked for a picture. When she sent it, the situation was immediately evident.

The ‘Grandma’ was Wanda, a woman from Mesa, also in Arizona, who by some error had gotten a wrong number, which turned out to be Jamal's, added to the group message. After the issue had been cleared up, Jamal asked Wanda if he would still have a plate for him at her Thanksgiving and she said yes. According to her, that's what grandma's do: They feed everyone.

Jamal went on Twitter and shared some screenshots of the exchange, and the post immediately went viral. Many people were happy because the way their exchange ended reflected the true spirit of Thanksgiving. They hoped that the two would meet.

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Their wish was granted it was even before Thanksgiving. Brandon, Wanda's actual grandson, shared a picture of Jamal and Wanda captioned,

Jamal later mentioned that he and Wanda kept in touch, adding how surprised he was that she didn't blow him off and was very kind towards him instead.

That's what Thanksgiving is all about, isn't it? A time to be thankful for everything that has happened in the past year. It is an all-inclusive celebration, regardless of religious beliefs, race, orientation or anything that would otherwise divide us.

Wanda’s act indeed showed the Thanksgiving spirit, and it was worthy of accolades.

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