Cop Who Lost His Life In The Line of Duty Honored By Heart-Melting Pictures On His 1 Year Remembrance

Date October 26, 2018 12:15

We owe unending gratitude to the several brave men and women who put their life at risk every day to ensure our safety. These heroes in uniforms dare go to the most dangerous places and put their life on the line.

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Some, however, have lost their lives in while saving other people's lives, and it takes the effort of the rest of us to make sure their legacy lives on.

Therefore, when the pictures of Daniel Keith Rebman Jr.'s family made its way to the internet, it warmed many hearts.

Daniel passed away a year ago. He was an outstanding officer who belonged to a community of as selfless and as hardworking colleagues, and so, after his demise, his family had a lot of shoulders to lean on.

His three girls and wife, Michelle, were always surprised at the amount of love shown to them, from the moment she heard the news and every single day afterwards.

His colleagues, members of the Highway Patrol, attended his daughter's graduation and even went as far as walking the girls to school on their first day, amongst many other things.

Michelle, who was glad for their support, mentioned that it was one of the reasons her husband, Daniel, joined the force.

She said:

"My husband became a trooper in part because he wanted that bond, that brotherhood, and they truly honor him by the way they care for us"

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Daniel's family and colleagues took honoring his legacy up a notch with a series of pictures, which were shared on his wife's Facebook page, to mark the 1-year anniversary of his passing.

Not only did the pictures depict how his family has grown, but they also showed he was still present in their hearts. Some of his prized possessions, which were given to his family when he passed away, were symbollically featured in the pictures .

In several of the pictures, his three daughters can be seen dressed in blue gowns, or standing alongside his fellow patrol officers as they posed for pictures to celebrate his remembrance.

The girls also had some of Daniel's things: His badge, a flag given to them at the time of his burial, his patrol dog, and - the most heart-melting of all - a teddy bear made from Daniel's uniform.

It was given to his kids and they named it 'Daddy Bear.’ An amazing reminder of their brave father!

Daniel's colleagues and community released a statement vowing that they would always be there for Daniel's family, and it is quite obvious they have kept to their word.

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His wife also keeps herself going by sticking to her faith and raising the girls with the support from several well-wishers.

Daniel may be gone, but his memory and good work will live forever, and those pictures are proof of it.