Elizabeth Smart, Famous For Being A Hostage For A Year, Over

Elizabeth Smart, Famous For Being A Hostage For A Year, Overcomes Trauma And Gives Birth To A Baby Girl

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November 26, 2018 19:56 By Mambee

Elizabeth Smart, a name most of us remember. She was kidnapped, in 2002, at age 14 at knifepoint from her home in Utah. The girl was held as a hostage for a year by a man who claimed to be a prophet.

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Luckily, Elizabeth was rescued when she was spotted taking a walk with her abductor, Brian David Mitchell. He was sentenced to life in prison and Elizabeth was set free.

Despite her circumstance, Elizabeth didn’t allow the pain she experienced define her, as she allowed her mother’s advice to guide her.

Elizabeth’s mother told her that the best revenge was forgetting about the past and being happy in the present. 


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And this she did, ensuring she lived her life to the fullest while she helped others, too.

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Elizabeth now dedicates her life to prevent other children from going through what she experienced, and helping those who have had to bear similar ordeals, by setting up the Elizabeth Smart Foundation


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The organization seeks to eradicate future crimes against children and to help those who have been victims of various crimes.

Elizabeth is happily married to Matthew Gilmore. They have two children together and have just welcomed a third daughter!

She posted a picture of her and her loving husband holding their baby and smiling and she tagged it:

“So happy to welcome Olivia to our family.” 


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Elizabeth Smart is living proof that you can overcome anything life throws at you.

You to need to be determined and hopeful. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, if you keep digging. 

We are so happy for Elizabeth and her family. Congratulations!

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