Discipline At Its Finest! Father Sits In His Son’s Physics Class After Getting Tired Of His Unruly Behavior

Date March 20, 2019

A Texas father has just shown the world what innovative discipline truly means. 17-year-old Brad Howard was becoming a nuisance in his physics class, and his teacher was having none it.

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Tired of his bad behavior, Brad’s teacher began emailing his father about his unruly act. Knowing the kind of son he has, Brad’s father, who is also called Brad, decided that the next time he received a complaint from the teacher he would visit his son at school and sit with him all through the class.

Like all teenagers, Brad didn’t think his father would live up to his threat. Unfortunately for him, his father received another call on his only day off. On getting to school that Friday morning, what happened next threw Brad Jr. off balance.

There was his lovely father waiting right for him by his desk. The young lad didn’t even notice his dad until he was done greeting his friends.

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Like that wasn’t enough shame, his sister posted a photo of the occurrence on Twitter for the whole world to see. The hilarious post garnered over 1,000 retweets, with many relating to the parent's plight.

@djj317 revealed that she did the same to her son:

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While speaking to BuzzFeed News, Brad Sr. revealed that although he felt awkward when he got to his son’s school, things soon turned around as his boy’s friends enjoyed the situation.

He hopes that this will be the first and last time because he is not ready to babysit his son another time. The physics teacher also expressed gratitude towards the father for taking such a bold step.

If you have an unruly child, you could adopt this method of discipline. You’d be surprised the wonders it works!

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