Heartbreaking! Philippines Father Resorts To Selling Banana Bread In The Streets To Raise Php1.6M For His Baby’s Liver Transplant

Date March 11, 2019

One of the most devastating things a parent can go through is watching their child fall ill. No parent ever wishes for their child to be sick, but sometimes it is inevitable and they have to whatever they can to ensure their kids feel better, even if it means hawking in the streets.

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A 34-year-old father, Antonio Detablan, from Calamba, Laguna, was pushed to this when his 8-month-old son was diagnosed with biliary atresia, a rare disease in the liver and bile ducts that occurs in infants. The baby needs a liver transplant surgery, which costs Php1.6M, in order to survive.

Antonio’s plight was brought to light when a photo of him selling banana cakes on the sidewalk was shared on Facebook by Jenny Sumalpong, the founder of Liver Transplant Operation Babies Philippines, Inc.

In the photo, Antonio was holding on to his baby dearly while the banana cakes were placed under a poster that contained pictures of baby Aquiro and a plea to buyers to increase the sales of the banana cakes. The poster read:

"Please buy banana cake for a cause to save our baby Aki’s life from *Biliary Artesia*."

Their story has inspired many as Antonio and his wife, Jabee Imano Galindes, decided to get busy and raise funds for the surgery instead of begging for donations.

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Many internet users have come to their aid with some sending money directly to their account while others bought their banana cakes or sent diapers, milk and several things the family needs.

Jabee Imano Galindes, who also assists her husband by selling the cakes and branded T-shirts, revealed to the Inquirer that she and Antonio have been married for nine years and together they have three children, aged eight years, four years and eight months.

The couple remains hopeful that their baby will survive. Their second child, Arkhin, defeated hydrocephalus in 2016.

Baby Aki is currently waiting for his operation while taking multivitamins to keep healthy.

If you are willing to be of help to the Detablan family, you may reach Jabee Imano Galindes or Antonio Detablan at 09475362919. Our prayers are with baby Aki. We hope he gets the needed liver transplant.

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