Mother Defies 500,000-To-1 Odds As She Welcomes Three Sets Of Non-Identical Twins Naturally

Date July 11, 2019 16:37

Some occurrences are nothing short of phenomenal and for Colin and Karen Rodger and their non-identical bunch, this is the case.

Karen and Colin were blessed with four boys who are two sets of twins. While that might not be an extraordinary occurrence, what makes these kids special is that both sets of twins are non-identical.

Karen and Colin probably thought they had seen the world but, a decade later, Karen got pregnant again.

While speaking to reporter Josh Hour, Karen affirmed that at 40 she didn’t think she was done having kids, so they tried to have another child.

Soon Karen got pregnant, and when she went for her six-week scan, the unbelievable happened.

She was pregnant with twins again! Karen couldn’t believe her ears!

The doctors had already assured her that she had a 500,000:1 chance of having another twin, so how come she beat it hands down?

After coming to terms with the news, Karen texted her husband the great news, but he replied with a hilarious text that read:

“That’s not funny, Karen.”

The girls, named Isla and Rowan, were born and like their siblings before them, they were also non-identical.

While speaking to Mirror, Karen explained she isn’t the only one gobsmacked by the news, the doctors are also shocked.

The only explanation they have is that it is possible that Karen has sticky eggs. This is a phenomenon in which a woman’s eggs clump together and are released as more than one. It boosts the probability of having non-identical children.

Luckily for Karen and Colin, the fact that their kids aren’t identical makes the workload of running a family less stressful.

Nevertheless, it is a lot. They have to depend on routines to function. Also, each kid is assigned a color with all their belongs matching their color. While speaking about her newest additions, Karen said:

“I think they have just slotted into our mad chaotic life quite well. They are an absolute joy to have in the house. They’re great little bundles of joy. I couldn’t imagine our lives without them.”

Truly, kids spread joy wherever they go - regardless of whether they are twins and non-identical!

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