A Hero In Uniform: West Jordan Police Officer Holds Baby While Mother Fills Domestic Violence Form

Date November 21, 2018 13:45

On a daily basis, we owe our safety and protection to the brave men and women of the police department. We rely on them to ensure that citizens are in safe hands.

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The police are well celebrated for their bravery in facing the bad guys and protecting us from evil; however, they serve us in more ways than chasing down the bad guys.

This West Jordan police officer, named Lofgran, is living proof of that. He has done the most incredible, selfless act, which has gotten him applauded all over the internet.

A picture which has gone viral shows officer Lofgran holding a baby and taking care of other children while their mom filled out paperwork.

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It wasn't just any paperwork the young mother was filling; it was a domestic violence report, which was very important to the safety of the family.

Officer Lofgran, in his efforts to serve his county, decided to step in. He cradled the young baby and looked after the other kids.

Knowing children, it wasn't precisely the most fun job, but he did it anyway.

His kindness has quickly gotten a lot of attention on social media and comments praising his thinking and readiness to help have accumulated.

Officer Lofgran has shown us that the police isn't there to only help us with robberies and such, but they are brave men and women who are willing to go to any length to ensure they help whoever needs them.

This should serve as a lesson to us all. Like officer Lofgran, we should be willing to help someone in need in any way we can.

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