Amazing Photos Of Three Sisters Preparing To Welcome Their Babies At The Same Time Hit The Internet. They Are So Beautiful!

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October 30, 2018 18:27 By Mambee

Babies are adorable bundles of joy! We all get that deep feeling of inner happiness and fulfillment when we look at our babies, or so are told. We would bringing a new life to the world make us feel so mushy?   

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All the more beautiful and amazing is preparing for your baby's arrival: Buying baby clothes, baby toys, decorating the nursey, planning a baby shower and even doing a baby photoshoot.


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During all this prep time, it is mind-blowing when you have support from family and friends, people who love you and show you they care.


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It is also important to share your pregnancy journey with someone who is also going, has gone, through the same, so you can share experiences, support  and encouragement in hard times.


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But, then, imagine sharing your pregnancy journey with your sister! Isn’t that awesome? Well, this is the case of these three lovely ladies.


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Ogechi, Chika, and Onyee are opportuned to be expecting their babies at the same time. The three sisters are so joyous to be sharing this fantastic experience that and their happiness knows no bounds.


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They decided to share this exciting news with the world through a heartwarming photoshoot. 

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They can be seen glowing with the joy of motherhood as they rocked their matching white off-shoulder dresses, which accentuated their baby bumps.


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Their story has since gone viral as it is not every day you see three siblings expecting their babies simultaneously.


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Their story trends on social media with hashtags such as #threesistersfourbabies, as one of them is reportedly expecting twins.


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The sisters have taken to their Instagram accounts to express their joy and happiness to be sharing this journey. Surely, they have gotten a lot of acknowledgments and support from internet users.

Congratulations to the beautiful trio! 

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