Angelic Officer Arrives Just In Time To Save Mother Who Was In Labour On The Side Of The Road

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December 5, 2018 18:40 By Mambee

Bringing a new life to this world is a beautiful thing. Women dream of motherhood, even though the process is quite painful. Expecting mothers register at a trusted hospital, knowing that with the help of the professional doctors, everything should go well.

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Angelic Officer Arrives Just In Time To Save Mother Who Was In Labour On The Side Of The Road

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Well, this ist the case of a mother who didn't quite make it to the hospital.

She was on her way to the hospital, with her husband, her three-year-old son and her mother-in-law to deliver her baby, but it seemed like the child couldn't wait any longer and wanted to join the sweet family as soon as possible!

The newborn decided to come around 2 am, on the side of the road, and the mother claimed her water had not even broken yet!

Tennessee resident, Bridget Crumley, told Fox 17 that panicking was the next thing for her. However, her family was by her side and they calmed her down. They pulled over behind a car dealership and dialed 911, then anxiously waited for the EMS to arrive. Her mother-in-law was praying for help.

It would seem like the mother-in-law’s prayers were answered as, out of nowhere, a police officer arrived. Bridget recounted that the baby was already half out when the police officer got there.

Immediately swinging into action, she held Bridget’s hands, grabbing and pulling while she encouraged Bridget to push until the baby came out. 

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The little angel joined the world with the help of Officer Sierra Reprogral, who stayed with the mother and baby, making sure they were both safe, until 911 arrived and took over.

Bridget posted a picture on her Facebook with Sierra, the heroic police officer, and her newborn baby.

The new mum thanked Officer Sierra, confessing she didn't know how the situation would have ended had she not arrived. 

She then did a little something special and decided to name her baby after her angelic officer saying;

Instead of Isabella Marie Crumley, it is now Isabella Sierra-Marie Crumley.

Officer Sierra posted on her Facebook page, too, saying how much she appreciated the gesture and how both the mother and child were strong through the whole ordeal.

Way to go Officer Sierra! More people like you are needed around the world!

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