Five Years After Her Mom Is Gone, This Woman Pens Down A Viral Heart-Wrenching Poem Dedicated To Her

Date November 21, 2018

Saying goodbye to a loved one is always a hard pill to swallow. Even more heartbreaking is when we have to say goodbye to someone as close to us as a mother.

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Five Years After Her Mom Is Gone, This Woman Pens Down A Viral Heart-Wrenching Poem Dedicated To Her

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Mothers are our first firmament, our first companion, the universe from whose substance we were formed. With their loss comes a pain that reaches all the way down to the bones, and which does not seem ever to subside.

Nikki Pennington's story is a perfect example of a child's eternal pain over the loss of a mother. Nikki, a mother herself and a blogger at Grief To Hope, lost her mother five years ago to brain cancer.

Although her mom has been gone for several years, Nikki still misses her so she took to Facebook to express the longing for her presence in a touching poem. It is a write-up that anyone who has lost their mom can easily relate with.

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In her now viral Facebook post, Nikki admitted to how she still longs for her mother. The blogger expressed that, in every way and all things related to her late mother, she still searches for her against the glaring reality.

The longing to share both the hard and the good times with her mother weighs down on Nikki, and she can't help but reach out for her first ever  companion.

Nikki recognizes that, even though her mother is gone, she can always be found. After all, we can never lose those whom we truly love because they will forever remain a part of us.

Therefore she still sees her mother in nature, in her favorite song, and in her child's smile. Nikki's beautiful poem had hundreds of reactions and received several touching comments from individuals who have also lost their moms.

Although the pain of losing one's mother is bottomless, Nikki’s poem is a testament of a shared love which can never be taken away. To those who still have the great figure of a mother nearby, make sure you always appreciate their love.

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