Furious Makeup Artist Tells Moms To Keep Their Kids Out Of Makeup Shops After A Child Wrecked Havoc At Local Store

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December 13, 2018 12:13 By Mambee

A casual night of makeup shopping turned into a nightmare for makeup artist Brittney Nelson. Walking into her local store, she was stunned by the colorful mess created by a little child.

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Furious Makeup Artist Tells Moms To Keep Their Kids Out Of Makeup Shops After A Child Wrecked Havoc At Local StoreHolly Vegter / Shutterstock.com

It didn't take her long to decipher that the ruined product was a collection of Make Up For Ever eyeshadow testers worth more than $1,000.

Nelson said:

"We walked in as a lady, and her kid were hustling out of there... the glittery footprints helped us decipher it was a tiny human."

She shared photos of the incident on her Facebook page, but it got mixed reactions from the internet and her 7,457 followers.

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While some of them agreed with her stance on the issue, others suggested that Nelson was out of line since she did not witness the act.

As a mother who works as a makeup artist, her reaction to the incident sparked considerable outrage.

Also, accusations of mom-shaming and child victimization have followed in the wake of her post with some people suggesting that an adult could make the same mistake.

Brittney Nelson, however, maintains that the damage was much worse than the pictures showed and the expense incurred shows that mothers have to take more responsibility for their children's actions.

Despite the negativity, she believes that her advice comes from a practical standpoint. She further stated:

"If I do see a kid doing that in a store I will just offer to help the mom...that's what us moms do!" 

As someone who has been in similar situations in the past, Brittney Nelson revealed that she has had to do makeup shopping with her daughter more than once.

However, to forestall incidents like this, she spends less than 10 minutes in the store and her daughter keeps her hands in her pocket the whole time.

What’s your opinion? Is Brittney speaking some truth?

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