Mom Who Was Ordered By Child's Nursery To Stop Breastfeeding

Mom Who Was Ordered By Child's Nursery To Stop Breastfeeding Her 18-Month-Old Twins Gets An Apology

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January 24, 2019 13:20 By Mambee

Mothers are usually passionate about their children and standing up for what they believe is right.

Jennifer Mancuso, a mother of seven children, is inclusive of this attribute.

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She has four biological children: Parker, Piper, Aria and Asher; and three stepchildren: Adriana, Vegah and Copeland. 

An incident occurred August last year that made the professional photographer mom livid.

Jennifer was instructed by nursery directors to cease breastfeeding her 18-months old twin daughters, Aria and Asher, in an open space.


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As reported by Daily Mail, she was asked to go to the back of the facility, where the staff room is located, because they deemed it unsuitable for her to do that in the presence of underage kids.

Also, the director assumed that she might displease the religious parents that were around at the time.


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The director argued her point with the strong-willed mom, but Jennifer wasn't having any of it.

“Because of my schedule with the older two, it works best for me to breastfeed the twins at drop-off and pick-up.”


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This experience left Jennifer feeling so insulted that she intended to withdraw her daughters from the nursery.

Three weeks after the altercation, the nursery finally gave in and apologized for their indecent request. Jennifer Mancuso's bravery had made them reflect on their policies.

She decided to stand on her ground so that other mothers won't be bullied into feeling ashamed of doing what comes naturally to all mothers.


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Jennifer Mancuso fought for what she believes in and successfully ensured that such an incident never repeats itself. Her Instagram page displays her breastfeeding beliefs in various photos.

No mother should be requested to hide when it comes to breastfeeding their babies. Jennifer’s courage is one of a kind!

Mothers can be attached to their children long after they grow up. This story is a perfect example.

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