Mom Shares Inspiring Story Of How A Kind Stranger Volunteered To Help Fix Her Daughter's Hair

Date November 16, 2018 15:37

Society has become so mundane that the smallest things can lead to severe consequences, posing a threat to life and property, triggering emotional disorders and endangering our mental health, among other things.

This has led to people closing up on one another. Compassion, charity, and love have seriously been depleted in our society.

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In these periods, a small act of kindness can go a long way in helping a person and inspiring millions more. These are the sort of things we look up to.

Mom Stephanie Hollifield was lucky to be a witness to one moment of selflessness perpertrated by a stranger. 

It all started when Stephanie decided to take a big step. She adopted a girl, Hayley, and brought her into her home.

Of course, being a mother has challenges of its own and, added to that, Hayley is an African-American and Stephanie is caucasian. That meant Stephanie would have to do more to make Hayley feel at home, to protect her from labels which were likely to hurt the little girl.

Both were doing well until Stephanie had a little problem: Hayley's hair wasn't how the little girl wanted it to be. This is a struggle that must little girls go through at least once in their lives.

Stephanie had consulted all her African-American friends on how to deal with the issue. They had given her several pieces advice, but nothing was helping.

She had spent a lot on hair products which were not delivering the promised results, until one day Lady Luck shone upon her.

Stephanie had gone through the usual routine of helping Hayley do her hair before she went to school. It was looking all good until later that day when Stephanie received a picture sent from Hayley's teacher. In it, she saw how rough and unkept her hair looked like.

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It broke her heart. Stephanie wasn't having it anymore and took to Facebook to explain her ordeal.

After she shared what she was going through, she was stunned by the number of help offers she got, and how people reacted. A particular lady intrigued her, though, and they ended up meeting.

The lady was African-American, like Hayley, and was well-accustomed to dealing with the same problems. She rejected payment and took her time to fix Hayley's hair, going as far as giving Stephanie tips for the long run.

Stephanie was shocked at how a total stranger offered to come to her house, spend a whole lot of time and resources helping her and her child, and ask for nothing in return.

Within a few hours, Hayley was looking like a princess, and the little kid could not hide her happiness as she stared at the mirror.

Stephanie went ahead to share the story on her Facebook page. She was even more surprised at the way social media users reacted.

Subsequent weeks were filled with calls and requests from media outlets asking if they could share her story.

Reminiscing on the event, Stephanie was dumbfounded with the Monica Hunter's selflessness and kindness.

Several people praised the lady for helping Hayley and inspiring millions more. Truly, we need more people like that amazing stranger. Surely, the world would be a better place then!

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