Baby Born Prematurely Survives After Parents Did Not Give Up


Baby Born Prematurely Survives After Parents Did Not Give Up On Her, Now They Get To Spend Christmas Together

Date December 4, 2018 15:03

A parent's love for their children is strong, selfless and unconditional. No matter the circumstances or how tempting, they never give up on their child.

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The story of 36-year-old Jodie Marrin and her 38-year-old partner Lee Patrick exemplifies the love of birth parents to a child in the face of a seemingly terminal condition.

And due to their tenacity, their premature baby, Sussie Bae Patrick, born the size of a chocolate bar made it home just in time for the family to celebrate Christmas together!

Narrating Jodie ’s pregnancy and birth experience, Patrick mentioned that they never saw a premature birth coming, as Jodie's pregnancy was normal until the 27th of June.

Jodie was sick the whole day so he made her go to the hospital on the following day. However, in the cab, on their way to the hospital, Sussie was almost born.

About ten minutes after their arrival at the Arrowe Park Hospital Wirral, Jodie was delivered of her five months old baby girl.

It was speculated that either Jodie or Sussie was affected by sepsis, which resulted in the mom's premature labor.

Since there were still four more months to go for the baby to be formed and healthy, Sussie was very tiny and weighed just one pound and one ounce.

It was sad news for her parents when medical doctors proposed that Sussie stood only a little chance of survival.

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They mentioned that there was no point treating Sussie because, even if she survived, she would have no quality of life.

However, her parents were unfazed as they saw Sussie's fighting spirit, so they ordered her treatment and clung unto that 'little chance.’

Happily, after five long months in the hospital, little Sussie has been discharged.

Although she is still on oxygen, Sussie is now back home with her parents in Birkenhead.

The timing seems perfect as the proud parents are more than elated to have their miracle baby celebrate her first Christmas at home.

With the family complete, Christmas for the Patricks will be undeniably merry!

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