Woman Says Her Husband Was Pressuring Her To Let In-Laws Into The Delivery Room And Users Think He Is Unreasonable

Date April 15, 2019 17:00

Childbirth is a very emotional and personal moment for most families. Most women want to be surrounded by their loved ones, especially the child's father, to make it an intimate moment.

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Woman Says Her Husband Was Pressuring Her To Let In-Laws Into The Delivery Room And Users Think He Is UnreasonableGorodenkoff /

However, this woman’s husband disagrees and believes it should be a family affair — one with his parents involved.

A soon-to-be mother has taken to the internet to seek advice after her husband insists that his parents should be present in the delivery room.

While an in-law’s presence might not be such a big deal, the problem, in this case, is that she doesn’t want them there.

Several users have tagged her husband as selfish and advised her to stick to her decision.

A user on Quora made her understand the implications of succumbing to her husband’s request at the expense of her comfort. He explained that it is important for stressors to be removed from the birthing location to make delivery easier.

Another commented saying that:

“He has no rights in the delivery room and if he doesn’t believe that just watch what happens if you tell the doctor he’s got to go.”

User Michelle Warner wrote:

“This is your body, and he needs to respect that. I understand that this is a big day for him as well, but you’re top priority.”

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Another user suggested that:

“They can wait in the waiting room until the baby comes. This is not about them, it’s about you, the baby and your husband, period!"

Others saw involving the hospital as the wisest decision:

“You don’t have to fight your husband in this. Just quietly tell a nurse or doctor about it, and they will write this in a chart as a requirement, and you can only blame a doctor for it.”

It’s not certain what this user might settle for in the end. However, her safety and that of her baby should be paramount to her husband. They should be of top priority, not the in-laws.

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