A Mom's Bingo Gift Gives Her Daughter Twins After Several Years Of Failed IVF

Date October 12, 2018 20:14

We all wait for that moment in our lives when our hopes and dreams become a reality. For some, it's a smooth ride without having to wait too long for the fruit of their labours.

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For others, it is a long journey, sprinkled with an array of sacrifices. So was Jaylyn Hosburgh's road to motherhood. Her story was one hinged on sacrifices and a long wait before being blessed with the reality of motherhood.

The 31-year-old woman from Windsor, Ontario, struggled with fertility issues for several years and that cost her a lot of money.

Jaylyn and her husband, Richard Hosburgh, have been on a seven-year IUI and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) journey without success. It seemed every attempt at having kids came to a dead end.

Expressing her frustration, Jaylyn shared with Love What Matters that, with every negative pregnancy test, she fell deeper into depression.

She hurt at every pregnancy announcement. She was jealous that some couple didn't have to try hard and all she wanted was a baby and did not care how it would happen.

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Since it was a difficulty having children of their own, the Hosburghs decided to look into adoption. This diversion was also a dead end, as they were told that Jaylyn had to finish her fertility treatments first.

Unwilling to take defeat, the couple went back to the idea of IVF, but this time they wanted to try a different method which would cost them about $20,000. Unfortunately, the couple couldn't push through with it because they couldn't afford it.

However, the couple's dream would soon become a reality. Jaylyn's mom decided to go to Bingo with her. The hall was very busy that day and, feeling somewhat anxious, Jaylyn wanted to leave. Thankfully, she didn't.

When the accumulator was at $24,000, Jaylyn and her mother bought their books and three cards. To her astonishment, Jaylyn’s mom won the $24,000!

And even more interesting is the fact that she gave her daughter the whole of it to proceed with her IVF treatment.

A few days later, Jaylyn had the treatment and eagerly waited for the test. And that was it! Her pregnancy test was positive! The couple's joy knew no bounds, it was an unbelievable turn around for them. They were having twins, hurray!

Jaylyn’s pregnancy period was not without hiccups. She made several visits to the hospital as she bled on several occasions. Also, she had postpartum haemorrhage after each baby was born.

Thankfully, there was a high-risk doctor on duty that day who saved her life.

Five days later, Jaylyn was back home with her bundles of joy, a girl and a boy: Harper Christine Beverly Horsburgh and Maxwell Richard Joseph Hosburgh.     

The new mom had this to say about her story:

“This journey was a rough one but in the end, I made it out with two wonderful babies to show for it. At most times, I didn't think I could continue but if I gave up I wouldn't have these two babies here - our Bingo Babies.”