Mother Rants About School's Sexist Act Against Her Daughter's Being Sent Back From School For Not Respecting Boy’s Hormones

Date October 10, 2018 14:57

The girl child has had to go through a lot of bad things over the years partially due to sexism and discrimination. It remains quite surprising, however, that such distasteful practice continues to be somehow endorsed in the 21st century.

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This raises the question of when things will really change. When will the female child be given as much respect as her male counterparts?

Melissa McKinlay is the Mayor of Palm Beach County, and most importantly, she is a mother. And it was because of this love and passion that she could not hold her words as she put her daughter's school, Forest Hill High School, on display for what they made her girl go through.

Apparently, Melissa's daughter had been embarrassed and punished by the school for her choice of outfit. What was more outrageous was the reason why the outfit was against "school dress code".

The young girl, who was put in detention all day, had put on a pair of jeans which were ripped at one of the knees.

During one of her quizzes, she was approached by a male administrator about her choice of clothes and how it affected her male counterparts. A snippet from Melissa's post recounting the event states says that,

"In the middle of a quiz in her IB history class, a male administrator came to class, told her  she needed to consider the guys in her class and their hormones when choosing her wardrobe, yanked her out of class, and threw her into school suspension for the rest of the day"

The young girl was taken out of class because her clothes were wrong for 'male hormones'. Isn't it absurd to think her choice of clothing should be judged when it came to how her male classmates should behave?

This is only another reminder of the kind of society we live in today, and how a girl child is undervalued.

Many have taken to social media to comment on the event, citing their disappointment in the school.

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Melissa, who agrees yes, her daughter was breaking the dress code rules. However,  she didn't deserve a full-time detention, and it certainly should not have been influenced by male hormones.

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The school, through its principal, has released a statement that the issue would be addressed, but that is not enough. Girls, women really, need to be respected not because of how guys see them, but because they are human beings - just like men are.