Wow! Sydney Mother Gives Birth To 5.7KG Baby With No Pain Relief Leaving Everyone Amazed

Date November 8, 2018

Childbirth is a beautiful experience. The fact that you are bringing new life into the world is merely thrilling, but with that joy comes some pain.

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Wow! Sydney Mother Gives Birth To 5.7KG Baby With No Pain Relief Leaving Everyone Amazed

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The average size for a newborn baby is usually estimated at 2.5 kg and 3.5 kg, and this bouncing bundles of joy so tiny, bring joys so huge to their families; however, a not so small bundle of joy has broken a lot of records as the biggest baby in the Blackheart Hospital in Australia.

The baby named Parker James was born weighing a whopping 5.7557 kg. He was born to Nikki Bell, a 28-year-old mother who already has a daughter named Madison.

The Hospital was delighted to record the birth of little Parker as he was the largest baby their hospital has ever had.

They took to their Facebook account to commend the efforts of the new mother and also share pictures of the latest addition to the hospital. Parker came at 39 weeks and three days and Nikki confessed she was glad he didn't come any later as that would have made him bigger.

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The entire labor was a smooth one that took 2 hours 30 minutes without Nikki using painkillers. Can you believe that?

Parker’s photos which have gone viral on the internet has quickly gotten a lot of comments from other mom's commending Nikki for her brave efforts and even some confessing they are glad it's not them.

Nikki claims the whole incident is embarrassing to her as she did what any other mom would; she gave birth to her son.

She hopes that Parker’s size gives him an added advantage when he grows up and that he goes into sports as that will make his dad extremely happy.

We do salute Nikki for her bravery and other mothers out there going through childbirth, no matter the size of the baby.

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