Candid Photo Of Brazilian Father Praying For His Newborn Tak

Candid Photo Of Brazilian Father Praying For His Newborn Takes The Internet By Storm

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March 19, 2019 17:00 By Mambee

Life is beautiful and should always be celebrated. However, when this sanctity of life is coupled with the burden of parenthood, it can be very overwhelming. 

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Therefore, we are not surprised that this image has gone viral because we believe it shows a father who understands the journey that is before him.

In July 2018, Brazilian Victor Calmon welcomed his very first child into the world and it was a deeply emotional affair. Seeing the little bundle of joy in the cot floored him to the point that he overcame whatever forms of embarrassment he may have felt. He fell to his knees to prayed over the baby boy.


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The candid photo has gone on to gain widespread attention ever since it was posted on Instagram. Evidently, the tender moment is has touched many people. Calmon is shocked by the popularity of the picture which had been a product of sheer spontaneity.

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In an interview with a Brazilian magazine, he explained the thoughts that prompted the action:

“I saw myself at the center of a complicated situation, you know, and everything was new to me, and incredible fear came over me. “


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He explained that he prayed to become a better man, a good father, a good husband, and to increase his will to grow and work so that his child lacks nothing.

In another photo, the proud father is seen with his wife and son, all smiles and beaming with joy. He captioned it as the moment that the reality of the birth hit him and he suddenly found purpose.


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It is rare to find such an overflow of emotions these days, as men consistently feel forced to hide their feelings while social media encourages the use of filters that hide the reality captured in a picture.


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We bet Calmon will make a good father and we hope he inspires many out there to do better, as well.

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