Bad Technology? Little Boy Caught Cheating While Using Alexa To Get His Homework Done

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January 9, 2019 16:57 By Mambee

There have been several debates on the consequences of technology — particularly in respect to how it can influence children. Over the years, we've seen this tool help solve extremely difficult problems, while there were many instances when it led to tragedy.

Despite being wrong, it's just incredibly adorable how this cute little culprit, Jariel, got the internet buzzing.

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Jariel is a six-year-old boy from New Jersey. He attained internet fame when a video of his bright encounter with the Amazon tool Alexa made its way to the web after being uploaded by his mother.

In the clip, which was shared on her Twitter page, 24-year-old Yerelyn recorded her little man taking a short cut to his assignment.

As seen in the video, Jariel was writing on the table before calling on Alexa, a virtual assistant and, then ask her a math question:

“What's five minus three?"

Alexa replied with the correct answer, and it was after this that his mom barged in on him.

“Boy!” Yerelyn yelled.

The entertaining encounter took place in less than a minute, and the video has since then gone viral. It has gotten over 8 million views and 480 000 likes.


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While recounting the event to New York Post, Yerelyn disclosed that she decided to check up on him when she heard him asking some maths questions - only to find him getting answers from Alexa. However, math is his favorite subject and he was just feeling lazy, she disclosed.

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She went on to add that Jariel thanked Alexa for helping with his homework – a part that was not captured in the clip. How hilarious!

Nonetheless, she isn't planning on letting it happen again.


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Admittedly, Jariel is a smart kid but, still, cheating really isn't the best thing for a child to do. Once morem we can blame that on technology for making things extremely easy sometimes. His mom has got a lot more work to do to get ‘techy kid’ to keep getting his homework done by himself.

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