Little Girl Pays Her Last Respect To Her Brother By Wearing

Little Girl Pays Her Last Respect To Her Brother By Wearing A Dress With His Pictures All Over It

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December 6, 2018 13:13 By Mambee

The loss of a loved one is a very painful experience, but 18-month-old Hallie-Mae was a huge support to her parents during the burial of her little baby brother, Lucas-Jay.

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Lucas was born on the 20th of February, but he died just a few hours later. During his funeral, Hallie-Mae paid her last respect to her brother in the most beautiful way.

She wore a cute little dress covered with pictures of him during the few hours they spent together, and she wore it with pride. The dress made her parents feel like their baby boy was still around and alive.

Although the baby had already been diagnosed to have a half-working heart and had a fifty percent chance of living, his parents still went through with the pregnancy hoping that their little boy would survive.

The birth was successful but little Lucas-Jay did not last long as he suffered a cardiac arrest only a few hours after he was born.

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Before Lucas-Jay left the world, he and his big sister had already formed a bond. When she saw his picture on her dress, she kissed it.

Her mother, speaking to Mirror Online, said,

She loved how frilly it was and she kept point to his photos saying 'aw baby!' And even went to give his photo a kiss.

Hallie-Mae also had a matching blanket that she cuddles for hours on end.

Both Jasmine McCaffrey and her partner, Kyle Barton, were devastated by their loss. Because of Hallie-Mae, they tried to remain positive so that all she feels is the love they have for her and her little baby brother.

Jasmine revealed that Hallie-Mae has been their rock in such a hard time, and they don't know what they would have done.without her.

She said Hallie-Mae had seen them upset in the car on the day of the funeral, and she just reached out to hold both her parents’ hands. She did not let go throughout the journey.

It’s sad that Jasmine and her husband had to say goodbye so soon to their son, but we are grateful for the little angel in their life in the form of Hallie-Mae. She is truly a blessing to them.

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