A Hero On The Plane! A Flight Attendant Breastfeeds Stranger’s Baby After Mother Ran Out Of Formula Milk On Board

Date November 12, 2018

We hear hero, and we immediately think capes and superpowers, but not every hero has to have cool skills or awesome gadgets, a hero is merely someone who rises to the occasion when a need arises.

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We meet heroes every day; civil servants who serve their country, house cleaners who look after us. Anywhere and everywhere, if you look close enough, you will find a hero.

This was the case of flight attendant Patricia Organo who as usual was on a flight attending to the passengers.

She knew it was going to be a special day as it was the day she took her check flight; a Check flight is a trip cabin crew members need to take before they could be qualified for other positions.

She was going to get promoted to a Cabin Crew Evaluator; this was a step up from her title as an Assistant Line Administrator.

Little did she know she was going to get more than a promotion, she was going to be a hero.

After takeoff, a baby was crying; she knew in her heart that she had to do whatever it took to make the baby stop crying.

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Patricia then approached the mother asking what the problem was and realized the baby hadn't eaten.

She asked the mother to breastfeed the baby, and with tears in her eyes, the mother replied that she was out of baby formula.

Patricia said the baby and her mother had been at the airport since 9 pm the night before.

Knowing there was no baby formula on the plane, she decided to do only what a mother could understand. She chose to breastfeed the baby herself.

With the help of another flight attendant, Patricia and the baby went to the aircraft gallery where most attendants rested, and she began to breastfeed the baby until the infant fell asleep.

She said the look on the mother's face was one of relief and that gave her joy.

She was happy to help bring smiles to another person's face.

People like Patricia make the world a better place, we celebrate her and hope more people be like her and take action when the need arises.

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