"I'm Walking!" A Four-Year-Old Boy Born Without Arms Or Legs Is Taking His First "Steps" And Tearing Us Up

Date November 2, 2018 14:41

Life's challenges will always come our way, but if we endure, we shall always come out stronger.

Some people are faced with problems as they go on with their lives, but some are born with it, knowing no other way to live their lives.  

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This is the story of Camden, a boy who, while still in his mother's womb, was diagnosed with a medical condition called amelia-phocomelia, meaning that none of his limbs were growing.

His mother, Katie Whiddon, who was 8 months pregnant with him at the time of the diagnosis, was devastated.

Not knowing what to do or expect, she thought her little boy was going to be a vegetable, incapable of doing anything on his own.

Moreover, she was just 19, so that did not do well to help her thought pattern. She was a teenage mother who was expecting the worst.

However, Camden was going to prove to his mom that his circumstances weren't going to be a barrier for him.

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At two months old, from the corner of her eye, she spotted Camden, using his arms to move toys around.

She was delighted and overjoyed! Her baby boy could move! Since then, he started moving his body and being more active.

However, he still hadn't taken any steps, but his parents were  patient, giving Camden all the time he needed and supporting him with love and care. Soon, the miracle happened!

This video shows Camden, already four years old, with his mom and her boyfriend, Cole Green, and his three-year-old sister, Ryleigh, all cheering him on without pushing him.

Camden was seen attempting to walk towards his dad, who was encouraging him lovingly.

Surprisingly, Camden did  it! He took his first steps, moving slowly but steadily towards his father. He shouted with so much emotion,

“I'm walking! I'm coming to you”.

An emotional moment for his whole family, as his parents were teary-eyed and his sister was thrilled jumping up and down the room, very proud of Camden.

His family was ecstatic that he was taking steps, like Nick Vujicic, a motivational speaker who has the same condition as Camden. 

His parents, encouraging him daily, are not ashamed to post his pictures and videos, encouraging those out there in  similar circumstances.

Kate says she knows deep in her heart that he's meant for great things, perhaps someone who will help people see the best in life, despiter their challenges, just like Nick.

We hope others with the same condition take Camden's story as an inspiration to show that they can achieve just anything they set their minds to. 

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